Outstanding stand alone 3D Theater VR. Works as advertised though I keep having problems getting the eye pupil distant just right. The view while watching 3D movies is outstanding and watching IMAX Hubble 3D with good pair of headphones makes it feel you are right there. Wish there were better instructions on how to connect with a computer or stand alone BluRay/4K player, but I will figure it out. Also, controller gets quite hot after watching a long movie. Highly recommended despite the cost, which for a Canadian is made even more due our poor exchange rate.

James P. Patterson

My first personal theater and WOW !!! I've just received this today and managed to save a bit of money (£170) including free shipping. The packaging is great especially the carry case and it includes everything you need and after a bit of setting up, everything is great. There are a couple of issues though, one is it needs a mouse to navigate some streaming sites (netflix,etc) but the wireless mouse I have doesn't work with it so I had to use a wired one. Another issue I have is it takes a bit of tweaking to get the picture spot on, but when you do its worth all the hassle as it's brilliant.

melissa d.

Absolutely amazing. Not going to write a long drawn out review but if you use any VR goggles or a watcher of movies, games or drone flying you must— MUST give this a try. I’m very pleased. No hooking up to anything. All the apps are within the goggles! Netflix’s HBO you can do all your social media or just surf the web. I would buy it now because the price is about to go up after Christmas. The price might seem steep but it’s worth every penny.


Wonderful Entertainment Glasses. Absolutely Incredible. It is like you are sitting in a Movie Theater with huge screen. You have to try it to believe it. Best purchase ever.


The picture quality is fantastic. I am giving 5 stars to the primary element in this package - the goggles.

Kindle Customer