Battery myths: Believe or not?

Battery myths

Myth 1: Will my phone overcharge if I leave it charge all night?

It is a very common rumours but it is wrong. Lithium battery will not overcharge if you plug in overnight, but it will make your battery life slight faster to dead. Modern device are very smart with managing power, they will gradually reduce the amount of current when your phone fills up. However, there is some facts to the reduced capacity issue, as both heat and a high charging voltage will cause lithium batteries to end of life. If you charge your battery between 80 to 100 percent is slighty worse for your battery than stopping before then.

Myth 2: Shall I completely discharge my battery before charging?

This myth only true to older nickel-centric batteries, as it loss is memories of its full capacity. But lithium battery is difference. It will not forget and can retain a working charge across the entire battery. Lithium battery diminish in capacity with every charge cycle, but this is not a very big effect. Most mobile smart phone batteries can retain about 70 to 80 percent of their original charge capacity after using couple of years.

Myth 3: Shall I use the official brand charger for my phone?

The answer is No. Many companies said that only for their marketing purposes. You can use any reputable third party charger to charge your batteries. But you have to watch out for the cables, as some unofficial charger might not allow for the same fast charging speeds.

Myth 4: Can I use my phone while it is charging?

When you are using your phone, battery drains at the same time as it charges. If you use it for a long period of time, some parts of the battery will go through more cycles than other parts, meaning your battery hasn’t aged evenly. If you want to maximize its lifespan, it is best to avoid very heavy use of your phone while charging, ie games. But is is no danger in playing around with your phone while charging.

Myth 5: Shall I use ‘app killer’ or killing apps to save battery power?

It is totally wrong, they don’t actually help and these apps can possibly make things worse. A lot of apps spring right back to life after you kill them, this means you spent more resources than if you just left it alone.

Myth 6: Shall I disable service like Bluetooth, location service to improve my battery life?

It is true if you go on airplane mode to save some battery life. But it will only save half an hour over the entire day. So you might not think it is worth the trouble. You can leave the services on as your phone is designed to handle it.