Christmas is coming up, shall I buy Rechargeable batteries or Disposable Batteries

Christmas Lights

A lot of things need batteries, with kids’ toys, game controllers, remote control cars, fairy light, and even Christmas lights. So Christmas need a lot of difference type of batteries So store up your batteries and keep your light sparkling and your children playing.

Batteries for toys

Many kids’ toy need batteries and batteries always not included. It is a good idea to buy some extra batteries with the toys or you have some spares at home.

Whether you buy disposables or rechargeable batteries, sometimes you will need to charge it quite quickly. Disposable batteries last longer but the amount of times you will need to change them need to take into account. It is better to buy rechargeable. Some of the bad quality disposable AA batteries only last for around 6 hours, the best one can give you over 9 hours of use. The best AA rechargeable can last for 8 hours.

The impact of disposable batteries to the environment

Both disposable and rechargeable batteries contain harmful substances, so they have to be recycled instead and do not just throw it away.

Disposable batteries often just go to the landfill. If the chemicals leak into the soil or water, this can be damaging for both the environment as well as humans and wildlife.

Rechargeable batteries are best for the environment, as they produce much less waste, and more efficient use of energy.

Therefore, rechargeable batteries are more environmental friendly, together we save the world!