Find a right battery for your device

Find a right battery for your device @ Fusion Gadgets

Do you face problem that you don’t know which battery is for your device? There are lots of choices out the market. But which one is for you? If you are in doubt, then you are in the right place, Fusion Gadgets have over 10 years of experience in supplying batteries. We are here to help you out. We do sell difference type of batteries, from smart phones, tablets, wireless mouse, barcode scanners, to alarm systems, lawn mowers and etc...  We do offer you our WhatsApp account number for the direct communications as the local touch, if you want to find a battery, please feel free to contact us by sending us the photos of your original battery, we are happy to help you to find the right battery.

But why my Li-Ion batteries have issues? Basically there are two main reasons, the first problem is heat, and the second problem is over discharge. If your battery gets too hot, then it is CPU and fuel cells will burn out. Second problem is over discharge, your battery will fade out gradually and you will try every single last charge to your battery and hope it will do its last job.

You want to prevent your lithium battery from getting too hot. Normally your devices or tools are tested by the manufacturers and the spec sheets are there to tell you what your device or tools are capable of. Anything you attempt outside those limitations could have a very negative effect on the inside of your device or tool and moreover your battery. Furthermore if you are using your device or tools for a long time continuously, then it is worth to give your device or tools a ‘break’ to prevent your batteries to overheat.

Battery will over discharge when you push your batteries to their absolute limits, to the point where it doesn’t have enough power to even communicate with the charger. As soon as you feel that you battery is starting to struggle, it is the time to upgrade/replace a new battery. Feel free to contact us.