Future of the battery

Future of battery

What is a battery, battery is a pack of one or more cells together, and each of them have a positive electrode (the cathode), a negative electrode (the anode), and a separator and an electrolyte. Using different chemicals and materials for these will affect the properties of the battery, how much energy it can store and output, the number of times it can discharged and recharge, and how much power it can provide.

In future, there is a new rechargeable battery which will be lighter, smaller, cheaper and even more environmentally friendly compare with today’s lithium batteries. It is because the new battery uses low-cost and plentiful aluminium instead of lithium metal for its electrode material.

And also aluminium graphite battery is 50% cheaper to produce and also a very attractive material for rechargeable batteries. It needed to be tested for 200 cycles, but will have to last for at least 1000 cycles to become practical.