Home Cinema Experience by Goovis Cinego G2

Home Cinema Experience by Goovis Cinego G2Goovis Cinego G2 VR Headset is a lightweight headset with heavyweight features. Its main body weight only 200g/ 7oz which is weight as much as a ski goggle only. With such a lightweight headset, you are able to get immersive theatre-quality entertainment anywhere.

Designed with twin micro M-OLED screens, an intuitive Android OS with Wi-Fi & HDMI capability for seamless connectivity across all your devices i.e. App, laptop, gaming console (PlayStation 4 & Xbox), pen drive, etc.

The Cinego puts you in your own personal theatre and displays a clear, precise, and sharp picture in 4K. If you are a film lovers, with a 4.5 hour (270 mins) battery life, that’s mean you can even watch the Hollywood long film like Avengers: Endgame (3 hours 2 mins), The Lord of the rings: The return of the King (3 hours, 21 mins) , Titanic (3 hours, 12 mins)..etc all in one go.

Coonect your Goovis Cinego G2 to multi-devicesBeside watching films, you can also stream YouTube, Netflix, and any movies you’ve saved to its internal memory or connect any gaming system and immerse yourself in everything from your PlayStation 4 to your Nintendo Switch.

Can you imagine you can enjoy films, games, youtube, etc. at your own time at your own favourite place, Goovis Cinego G2 VR Headset is definitely your choice.

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