How To Eat Healthy During Lockdown?

home made healthy foods

Plan Meals In Advance

Try to plan few meals in advance so you know what ingredient that you need to buy and what ingredient left before you go out shopping. Also this will reduce the waste of food as well.

Make Sure You Get Difference Source Of Nutrients

Buy lots of difference source of food, variety is key to a healthy diet. There are three nutrients that you should definitely include as they can help you to support your immune system. Those are Vitamin A, Vitamin C and also Zinc. Vitamin A can find in carrots, spinach and sweet potato, Vitamin C can find in tomatoes, orange, berries and peppers and zinc can find in shellfish, meat and dairy and bread.

Buy Healthy Snacks Instead Of Junk Snack

Keep healthy snacks nearby and around the house. And control yourself not eating non-healthy snack i.e. crisp, biscuit, sweets, chocolate.

Consume Oily Fish

Oily fish is also one of the few rich sources of Vitamin D in the diet, as we are staying at home for the lock-down, we may not getting much sun exposure. As Vitamin D is also important for our bone health and increase our immune system.

Eat Meal On Time

Although we are quarantine at home, we still have to stick with our meal routine. It is important to maintaining a healthy diet and avoid unnecessary snacking between meals.

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