How Will I Monitor My Kids' Usage of Virtual Reality (VR) headset?

How Will I Monitor My Kids' Usage of VR headset?

Virtual reality has lots of uses. You can discover foreign countries, fighting with Ninja, watching the coral reefs, or swimming with dolphins under the water. One of the most common uses is for video games.

Different manufacturers have different guideline and age recommendations for kids. But general advice is that children should be monitored and parent need to supervise usage and take regular breaks.

  1. Encourage kids to use virtual reality VR headset in the common area of your house. So you can always keep an eye of what his reaction is.
  2. Keep an eye of your kid’s behaviour after usage.
  3. Set a time limited and agreement between parent and kids of when to use the VR headset.

If you are parent worrying about VR headset will harm with kid’s vision. Goovis Cinego G2 VR Headset has AMOLED screen which emits at least 70% less high energy blue light than LED-backlit LCDs used by traditional mobile phones and laptops.

Kids can enjoy virtual reality VR to experiences what they dream of, the places that they are curious about i.e. Space, Mars, the planet, the universe. They can also visit some historic places like Roman city, The Colosseum, Buckingham palace, Tower of London and etc which might be taught in school. VR headset can be a fantastic tool for education but we have to make sure child has also have outdoor activities which is not connected to any technology.