Lithium ion Batteries Disposal

battery recycle

Mobile phones, laptops, tablets become more and more common in daily life in fast-moving 21-century. All these devices need lithium battery.

Lithium ion batteries are considered a hazardous waste and are potentially reactive if not completely discharged. Button cell batteries may also contain mercury or other hazardous substances, such as silver.

In order to dispose lithium batteries, you can bring these batteries to your local household waste recycling center. But if you do not have time to go to the recycling center, you can contact your local council. Your local council will provide you a yellow bag for recycle household batteries. You can order a free yellow bag online. But remember yellow bag is not suitable for car batteries.

Batteries accepted include:


  • Size AA
  • Size AAA
  • Size C
  • Size D
  • 6 Volt
  • 9 Volt
  • Laptop batteries
  • Button batteries
  • Mobile phone batteries

When the yellow bag is full, you can just place out on the top of the green wheelie bin on your waste collection day. Once your old yellow bag collected, a replacement yellow bag should be left under the lid of your wheelie bin.