Top Running Tips

Weather is getting better, summer is round the corner. Many of us will enjoy going out for a run. Here is some helpful running tips:

1. Set a challenge for yourself

Motivate yourself to go out and practice, you can go for a small race like a Park run. Participating a race will help you to be more motivate and meet more friend.

2. Warm up before running

A slow walk for a beginner is ideal, then you can start with a slow jog. After a while, you can start medium jog and then so on.

3. Good Nutrition

Make sure the food is prepared before you go out to run. A high protein meal like egg, carbs..etc. in order to feed your muscles. Also can try to get a protein drink , almonds, or a banana.

4. Keep a note after running

Make a note how you feel before and after running. And also track your distance and performance. It is a small tips to motivate yourself.

5. Dress for the weather

In UK, weather can be difference everyday, make sure you dress for the weather in order to control your body’s natural temperature.
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