What Things Can We Do While Coronavirus Quarantine?

Things to do while Quarantine

The coronavirus has people staying at home, so what can we do while in this quarantine period?

1. Why not visit a museum from your comfort sofa?

Museums around the world are letting people take virtual tours, so why not go around the world museums to have a look.

2. Watching live-streamed concert for free

Some artists are finding ways to meet and entertain their fans so now they will have a chance to watch any live-streamed concert for free now.

3. Some new movie will come straight to home video

The Invisible Man are some other recent releases have been made available for video early. Also you can watch a lot of movie via Netflix.

4. Learn a new hobby

While you are at home, why not learn a new skill or hobby. Or join a online course to improve and enhance your skill.

5. Read books that you have intended to read for a long time.

Now you have enough time, so you can just sit back and relax to read a book that you intend to read for a long time ago.

6. Cook

Try some new recipe at home and create a meal to be proud of for your whole family.

7. Commune with nature

Walk or exercise outside when it is a sunny day with a good distance from other people to get Vitamin D.

8. Phone a friend

Using Zoom, Facetime, whatapp to contact someone that you have not spoken to for a long time. Contact your high school friend and get an update with them, start a Zoom meeting with your friend group. It is a great opportunity to reconnect with your old friends.

Why not visit the worldwide museum, watching Netflix film with our Goovis G2 headset while Quarantine? Enjoy yourself at home.