What's the difference between DAB radio and normal radio?

DAB Radio vs Normal Radio

Normal radio is made up of waves, but digital radio is about transmitted as a series of noughts and ones. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is more efficient in its use of spectrum than analogue FM radio, and is the technology radio stations use to broadcast digitally. It can offer up to 60 digital radio services for the same given bandwidth. In practise, there are usually about 30 stations in any one area. It is double what FM has to offer. Also DAB radio will provide a better sound quality than FM radio and also a much better reception. FM can only broadcast on a fixed frequency, but DAB do not have this restriction. DAB radio antennae send out that same broadcast multiple times so it will have chances to hit upon a reliable signal. Also there are some extra features that DAB radio has. Plenty of DAB radios have Bluetooth speakers, Also Pretty much the DAB radio also broadcasts the name of the song that is playing as well as the artist. So you will not miss out what is the song called.

So Is DAB Radio Always Better Than FM?

Not always 100%. A little bit of the audio is lost when broadcasting a digital signal. That's not the case with FM. So sometimes FM can be slighty better than DAB when it is working 100% perfectly. But most of the DAB radio come with the FM mode, so you can always switch to FM mode if needed.

Overall, DAB radio is better than FM radio, it has reliable signal, more stations to choose from,. We have a range of DAB radio battery for sales.