Terms & Conditions

FusionGadgets.co.uk is a company wholly owned by Power2tek Ltd, which is a company registered in England and Wales under number 09139852. Our registered office is:

Power2tek Ltd
Suite 165, 548-550 Elder House
Milton Keynes

Below are the general terms and conditions of FusionGadgets, we preserves the right to modify these terms at any time.
  1. General

    1.1 These terms and conditions are with the exclusion of some other conditions applicable to all legal functions, where FusionGadgets act as supplier of products.
    1.2 FusionGadgets does not accept any reservations on orders by the counterpart (from now on mentioned as: the consumer).
    1.3 FusionGadgets preserves itself the right to modify these conditions at any time. The consumer recognizes that FusionGadgets is competent these general modify conditions and accepts tied to be to thus modified general conditions. In case of a substantive modification of the general conditions FusionGadgets will inform all customers by e-mail of this and the modified general conditions to send along.

  2. Payment

    2.1 Payment takes place by means of payment in advance by means of Shopify Payment and Paypal.

  3. Prices

    3.1 All prices are subject to type errors.
    3.2 All prices are exclusive the forwarding charges, if applicable.
    3.3 An offer of FusionGadgets has to be considered without engagement, unless in writing explicit differently has corresponded. Offers occur subject to the availability of the products. FusionGadgets  has the right to annul the agreement.

  4. Supply

    4.1 FusionGadgets cannot stand for the possibility of providing all products. At a shortage the consumer of this will be informed and the remitted amount will be paid back.
    4.2 Sending takes place after the invoiced amount on the FusionGadgets account has been remitted. Sending takes place, if possible, within 5 to 10 working days after the amount has been received.
    4.3 FusionGadgets is authorized to send the delivery in parts. The extra costs of the these shipment(s) will be charged on FusionGadgets.

  5. Liability

    5.1 FusionGadgets is not responsible for damage by purchase and/or use of delivered products.
    5.2 FusionGadgets is not responsible for damage during the transfer of the delivered products.
    5.3 Periods called at 4.2 are considered as an indication and not as fatal period. FusionGadgets is never responsible for damage as a result of overshooting of this delivery period.

  6. Exchange

    6.1 Exchange is only possible if the delivered product is returned in original (unopened) state and the delivered product is in possession of FusionGadgets within 8 days after delivery.
    6.2 Costs which result from a desired exchange (for example shipping costs) are carried by the consumer.

  7. Shipping costs

    7.1 FusionGadgets calculates the shipping costs per order. The costs depend on the type of delivery. The costs are visible in the shopping cart.
    7.2 FusionGadgets preserves the right to demand an insured shipment for orders outside the EU. The consumer can refuse this requirement by informing FusionGadgets directly in a written manner, which automatically initiates the annulment according to condition 10.1.
    7.3 The consumer is responsible for extra costs resulting from the delivery of goods, like additional postal fees or import duties

  8. Warranty

    8.1 The consumer is obliged directly after supply, to inspect delivered goods thoroughly on lacks and, at presence of it, inform FusionGadgets directly in a written manner. If the consumer does not indicate FusionGadgets within five days after the day of supply on lacks, which could be noticed at thorough research, the consumer is considered to agree with the state in which goods have been delivered, and every right to warranty expires.
    8.2 FusionGadgets offer exclusively supplier guarantee. These expire at improper use of the delivered products.
    8.3 Failures by improper use do not fall under the warranty.

  9. Damages

    9.1 FusionGadgets can be kept only responsible for damage, which can be attributed to deliberately bad or rough operating, or caused by circumstances which are the responsibility of FusionGadgets according to law
    9.2 Circumstances which are not, in any case, for risk of FusionGadgets: strike, worker exclusion, sickness, import, export and/or transit prohibition, transport problems, subcontractors who do not follow their obligations, jamming in production, etcetera.

  10. Canceling of orders

    10.1 Cancel a order free of charge is only possible within 48 hours after placing the order. Canceling a order oblige the consumer directly to pay a compensation of 10% of the original price, unless there is an agreement in a written manner.
    10.2 If the period called at 4.2 has been expired with more than two weeks, the consumer has the possibility of canceling the order free of charge. The consumer must however always indicate that the order has to be cancelled in a written manner.