Condenser Vent Kit Box & Hose for Tumble Dryer

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    • Universal Tumble Dryer Vent Hose Condenser Box Kit

    • Fits almost every tumble dryer by using the correct adapter

    • Easy to assemble and highly effective

    • Hose & Condenser Box

    • Length: 2 meters

    • Diameter: 4-inch

    • Adapter Inner Size: 103mm

    • Adapter Outer Size: 113mm

    • Prevents humidity and dust from entering the room

    • Easily assembled kit using a self extinguishing hose

    • Built-in air separator within the tank to ensure efficient condensing of vapour

    • Provision for wall mounting

    • Avoids external venting

    • Allows you to use your tumble dryer without having to open windows or drilling hole in the wall

    • Stop windows from steaming up and mould and mildrew from forming when you use your tumble dryer

    • This kit will work at its best when cold water is used and this will help the kit to function at its best

    • Remember when using your tumble dryer the drying process means the outgoing moist air will create water build up in the condenser bucket and it will need empting from time to time, do not allow it to overflow.

    • Includes
      1 x Condenser Vent Kit Box for Tumble Dryer
      1 x Condenser Vent Hose
      1 x Vent Hose Adapter