Mobile App Bluetooth enabled Dimmable Wireless WiFi E27 Disco Color Smart Light Bulb

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  • Colors around you set your mood. The Smart Bulb sets the colors around you. Choose warm colors to relax, cool whites to concentrate, or intense colors to get inspired and energized. Screw in and play.
  • Swappability was high on our list for the Smart Bulb. Replacing your old bulbs is as easy as taking them out of their fixtures and screwing in a Smart Bulb instead.
  • Smart Phones become your house lighting dashboard. Turn your lights on and off and adjust their brightness either individually or in groups. With the Delite Application, all Smart Lighbulbs, Smart LED Lightstrips and Smart Candle lights can be controlled at the same time by a smart phone or tablet via the Low Energy Bluetooth protocol.
  • 16 MILLION COLORS - change the atmosphere of your interior by adjusting the color of your lights, SCHEDULE YOUR LIGHTS - Set your Bulb to turn on or off at specific times; ANTI-BURGLAR MODE, SMS/Call Alert; Music Visualizer; Kaleidoscope - random color generator.
  • REMOTE CONTROL UP TO 10 BULBS with one app directly from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0, NO GATEWAYS or hubs needed; Simple installation; Android 4.3+ and iOS 6+ compatible.
Key features
  • Remote control - Turn your Smart Bulb on and off directly from your phone. 
  • Direct connectivity - No gateways or hubs needed. 
  • 16 million colors - Change the atmosphere of your interior by changing the color of your smart lights 
  • Dimmable - set the mood in your home with your light brightness adjustable from 100 to 0% 
  • Schedule & Timer - Set your Bulb to turn on or off at specific times. Let the light gradually turn on to wake you up 
  • Anti-Burglar mode - scare burglars away - put your lights to work and randomly turn on and off when you are on vacation, giving an impression that someone is home. 
  • SMS/Call alert - the bulb flashes several time when you receive a message or a call on your phone 
  • Music Visualizer - color changing and syncing to the rhythm of music. 
  • Proximity sensor - set the light to automatically turn on and off as you enter or leave the room 
  • Now supports Apple Watch Supported Devices: iOS6 and newer; Android 4.3 and newer